Aquatics Canada Aquatiques Announces Annual Award Winners

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Aquatics Canada Aquatiques Announces Annual Award Winners

(Ottawa, ON, January 10, 2023) Aquatics Canada Aquatiques (ACA) is pleased to announce the 2022 ACA Award recipients recognizing the outstanding achievements and contributions of its athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, staff, organizations and partners during the year 2022.  On behalf of ACA, we would like to congratulate all recipients for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Canadian aquatic sports.

Below are the recipients of the 2022 ACA Awards:

Male Athlete of the Year – Joshua Liendo (Swimming)

Joshua Liendo won three medals at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, including a silver medal in the 4×100-m mixed freestyle relay, and two bronze medals in the 100-m freestyle and the 100-m butterfly. Liendo’s individual medals are the first won by a male since the 16th FINA World Championships held in Kazan, Russia.

Female Athlete of the Year – Summer McIntosh (Swimming)

Summer McIntosh won four medals at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, including a gold medal in the 200-m butterfly, a gold medal in the 400-m individual medley, a silver medal in the 400-m freestyle and a bronze medal in the 4×20-m freestyle relay. Summer’s medals in the 200-m butterfly, 400-m individual medley and her leadoff time in the 4×200-m freestyle relay were all World Junior Records.

Team of the Year – Rylan Wiens and Nathan Zsombor-Murray (Diving)

At the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, Rylan Wiens and Nathan Zsombor-Murray won a bronze medal in the Men’s 10-m Synchro event. This was Canada’s first ever World Championships medal in the event. They also achieved Canada’s highest international point-total ever in the same event. At the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom, they earned a silver medal in the same event.

Coach of the Year – Ryan Mallette (Swimming)

Ryan Mallette coached several medal-winning swimmers at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, including Summer McIntosh who won four medals, setting three World Junior Records,  Kylie Masse who won a gold in the 50-m backstroke and a silver in the 100-m backstroke, and Joshua Liendo who won two individual medals. Ryan was also the coach for relay swimmers who won: silver in the Women’s 4×100-m freestyle relay (Kayla Sanchez, Maggie Mac Neil and Penny Oleksiak); silver  in the 4×100-m mixed freestyle relay (Joshua Lindo, Javier Acevedo, Kayla Sanchez, Penny Oleksiak and Maggie Mac Neil (who swam in the prelims));. bronze in the 4×100-m medley relay (Kylie Masse, Maggie Mac Neil, Penny Oleksiak and Kayla Sanchez (who swam in prelims));  and bronze in the 4×200-m freestyle relay, (Summer McIntosh, Kayla Sanchez and Penny Oleksiak).

Officials Award of Excellence – Lianna Sottile (Artistic Swimming)

Lianna Sottile has served 6 years on the National Officials Committee, including 4-years as chair and is now on the committee as Past Chair. She was a judge at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, under trying circumstances and has shown incredible leadership in educating others about the new scoring system in the sport; this translated into her being selected and trained as one of FINA’s new Officials Schools Leaders.

Volunteer of the Year – Judi Enns-Bradette (Artistic Swimming)

Judi Enns-Bradette was on the ACA board of directors for 7 years and at the helm of CAS board of directors for 4 years until Sept 2021. Judi led the organization’s board through a period of significant challenge during 2020 and 2021, was steadfast to principles of natural justice and procedural fairness and adhered to the organization’s policies in a testament to good governance.  Judi provided a steady hand to the Board and the staff, a calm, rationale presence to the provincial Members and acted as a confidential resource to several national team athletes to help them stay focused on their Olympic goals.  The path taken by CAS under Judi’s leadership has set an example for all other aquatic organizations facing a similar challenge. 

President’s Honour Roll – Dot Padget (Artistic Swimming)

Dot Padget has been involved in artistic swimming at the administrative level since 1971 and has been involved in Masters programming since that time as an athlete, judge, and administrator and was a FINA and then a Pan Am Aquatics Masters technical committee member from 2000 until present.  She has written training materials, evaluated and assessed other judges, and participated on over 15 event organizing committees. As a FINA judge, Dot has visited over 20 countries worldwide enroute to judging over 50 international competitions.  Dot is a respected and recognizable face in the sport of artistic swimming all over the world. Her impact is immeasurable considering how many other people she has trained, guided, supported, evaluated and mentored through the years.

Sport Tourism Award – Tourism Calgary (Nominated by Diving Plongeon Canada)

Tourism Calgary has been a Diving Plongeon Canada (DPC) hosting partner since 2018. DPC has hosted its last three FINA Grand Prix’s in Calgary, and Tourism Calgary has played an important role in the success of these events. This past year, their support was critical to the successful hosting of the 2022 Canada Cup, which was the only FINA Grand Prix to be held in between the Olympic Games and the 19th FINA World Championships. Not only does Tourism Calgary provide important funding for events, but they also go above and beyond to ensure that each participant’s experience in the Calgary community is memorable and exceeds expectations.

Hall of Fame Nominee – Kathy Seaman (Diving)

With 50 years of experience on the national and international diving scene, Kathy has an unparalleled history of service and commitment to aquatic sport. A 1972 Olympian, Kathy has dedicated much of her life to diving.  She has held countless leadership positions in Canadian diving, including president, and member of the board of directors for many years.  She has been a member of the FINA Technical Diving Committee (TDC) since 1996 and served two terms as chair and two terms as secretary of the FINA TDC.  She has also brought her expertise to UANA (now PanAm Aquatics), serving in many positions, including the Technical Diving Committee as well as the Executive Committee.  Kathy has also served as a judge/referee at three Olympics Games, three world championships, three Commonwealth Games and two Pan American Games. 

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Aquatics Canada Aquatiques (ACA) is an excellence-driven organization, emphasizing and encouraging championship podium performances and participation of Canadian aquatic sports, at the elite level through the representation of four aquatic sports: artistic swimming, diving, swimming and water polo. ACA oversees and supports Canadian teams competing at all FINA accredited competitions and championships. We also work to advocate and represent the growth, promotion and awareness of, and to encourage the support for, aquatic sports in Canada with all levels of government, national sport federations, funding partners and our community partners.

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